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Jonathan Chambers, Producer


Asher Gil, Executive Producer

This was a fun project! I was hired to write the script for the book The All American Boys written by Apollo 7 

astronaut, Walter Cunningham.  I had the honor of working with Walt to develop this story about the early years of our space program.

I wrote a script for one of the books in this Trilogy -- Betrayal. It was fun to work with the author, Harley Sachs, whose hero, Irwin Glass, is the iconic symbol of a man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A Mini-Series

Written & Created by Patzi Gil

Jonathan Chambers, Producer

Asher Gil, Executive Producer

More books for which i have written scripts...

​​Captain Basel was an F-105 pilot who was shot down in Operation Rolling Thunder, one of the most dangerous missions ever carried out by the US Air Force.

It is an exciting story about the "Thud" pilots who flew into the jaws of death called Pak Six. Half of the airplanes never returned... 

Whenever I read a

book I see it as a film.

So it was exciting for

me to be asked to

write a script based

on one of my favorite

books, PAK SIX,

written by G.I. Basel.

A Fun Lifestyle Program

Written & Created by Patzi Gil


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