Buy Scrivener! It is the best software program for writers. If you haven't used Scrivener yet, just go to their website and try a free sample, but it is so inexpensive at just $40 that I wouldn't even waste time with a trial version. Jump right into it and go to their website. Here is the link:

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Be consistent with file names! If you want to write, then learn to organize. That starts with file names. Have you lost bits and pieces of research? You know you saved it, but can't find it. Or the dialog you jotted down late one night when you were really on a roll? Have you completely forgotten which file is your latest version? STOP! ARCHIVE EVERYTHING! Start by opening a spreadsheet. List your projects. List their version. For scripts, I start with SPV1 (screenplay version) and for books I used NV1 for novels and BV1 for bios. Then I add the date. I only change the V when I make substantial edits or revisions to the previous Version that I might one day decide was the best version.  Many years ago I made all the changes an editor suggested on my original document!!! Boy oh boy, was I sorry when that editor left and I was assigned a new one who read the hard copy of the original and wanted that lives and learns....

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There are many opportunities for writers today...and even more challenges. Here are a few rambling ideas on writing and some of the things that annoy me and some ideas that you might find helpful.