From Harley Sacs, Author of BETRAYAL                                      [With over 30 books on Amazon! And more to come...]

"I was excited to see Patzi's film script of my book "Betrayal" for I have not written screen plays myself. Seeing how my book adapted for film was in some ways like watching one of my plays being produced. An author, like a composer, provides the words, but it is the actors and the director who convert and interpret those words into a finished product which may not resemble the original.  Also there are passages in a book, such as an internal monologue or a long description of a building, etc. that don't work in a visual medium.

In music, a fine melody on paper may be badly performed. A good script may be mauled by bad direction and performance.  In the case of my play, a weakly depicted character came to life thanks to the imagination of the actor who played it. And the director has his own take on the story.

Patzi saw a gap in the book and embellished the ending to better fit a cinema format.  As my mother used to say, we can' see the humps on our own backs. Patzi interpreted "Betrayal" very well as she saw the book through her own eyes. Seeing what she did and understanding why was a revelation. Converting the book to a film script took a lot more creativity than a computer generation

                            translation might, and those of us who have seen how computers fail to understand nuances will appreciate the

                            creativity of a script writer. Adaptation is not merely translation. Thanks, Patzi for all the work.

                            "Betrayal" will make a great movie!"

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I do all my work in Scrivener and all files remain your property.

Email me so that we can talk about your project.

From Apollo 7 Astronaut, Walt Cunningham - Author of THE ALL AMERICAN BOYS

"Thank you for such a great job. I am glad that you enjoyed my book as much as I enjoyed

living it. It was a pleasure working with you and seeing how you took my book and the

many hours of interviews and turned it all into an exciting vehicle for a movie.

Let's hope we can get it off the ground...​"


Script Doctor 

I will review your script and give you a complete breakdown including:

  • a detailed commentary
  • analysis of characters
  • dialogue consistency
  • formatting problems

I will prepare the following:

  • a 'beat sheet' that helps you understand the flow of your story
  • a 'DECK' that turns your 'elevator pitch' into a visual format
  • a list of log lines, if you don't have a good one

I will be available for a two hour on-line call (preferably HANGOUT) so that we can discuss the next step in getting your script into the marketplace.

Rate: $150 for scripts less than 125 pages.

(If yours is much longer, then you need to start cutting...each page is a minute and unless you have an epic, you are  already in big trouble!)

Ghost Writing - Biographies

I want to save history. Your memories are important. I love to work with people who want to preserve their stories for their families and for future historians.

I will  develop your book  just the way you want it. I am happy to work with a combination of what you have already written or with letters or just notes that you have jotted down. We can find the easiest method for you to tell your story -- perhaps you would like to dictate it, or even do videos. Whatever is easiest for you, will work for me. I will then put it together into a book that you can publish in any format you prefer--such as Amazon's CreateSpace or Kindle.