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Why would the Gaekwar of Baroda try to kill the British Resident? Did he put arsenic and diamond dust in the Resident’s drink? Or was it a plot by the British to take his throne and his territory?

The character of "Deely"

Cordelia de Montfort

is based on the painting

Flaming June

by Frederic Lord Leighton (1830-1896),

who was a good friend of

​Serjeant-at-Law William Ballantine

An exciting, romantic story!

baroda Brief

baroda Brief

Brings to life the exciting trial that changed history...

Would the most famous barrister of the time, Serjeant-at-Law William Ballantine, who traveled to the sleepy town in far off India save the Gaekwar?

Sir Dinkar Rao,Dadabhoy Narojee, and Rani Jumnai Bai....

A Book and Mini-Series

Set in all the glory and majesty that is India...

PatZ i

The British needed to prove to Indians that the trial was fair...

A thrilling courtroom drama!

An historical drama…

A sweeping tale of power set against the background of India during the years of the British Raj.

The year was 1875…

In England the public was

on the Gaekwar's side and

​against Benjamin Disraeli.

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Joy on paper...

The Trial of the Century