After their 100th Mission - The happy faces of F-105 pilot Gerald Gustafson and his EWO, Russel Brownlee

Lt. Col. John Piowaty - famed for his 'go to hell' mustache

Ken Kerkering, Lt. Col. Ret

Three of my films have been optioned...

  • The Sunshine Pilot
  • Nemesis
  • Loobak Project

If you want to know about the film business you have to read

The Hollywood Reporter!

Jimmy was born on Valentine's Day. He was no angel, but it can't be denied that when he was young he was brave to stand up for better wages for truckers.

Jimmy would give me a half dollar or, if he had one, a silver dollar. I still have some of them and I still love the smell of cigars because of him.

I love pilots...I married one...

A Family-Friendly Comedy and Inspiring Feature Film

Two bits, four bits,

    six bits a dollar...

If you don't give me 

    a kiss...I'm gonna



These are the beautiful faces of our American heroes...

I am working to save their stories for future generations.

Forgotten F-105 Warriors 

A Family Friendly Feature Film


I wrote Sunshine Pilot for my favorite actress, Debbie Reynolds.

We were ready to swing into production -

we had our budget and tax credits done. Unfortunately that was the fall of 2008

and the entire industry collapsed! 

Debbie Reynolds & Asher Gil

Auric Flims

A project to honor heroes...

a feature film written & created by

The first time I sat on Jimmy Hoffa's lap I was a baby. Every time he saw me he would say, "Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar--if you don't give me a kiss, I'm gonna holler!"

He always called me Patzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....and so when I started to write I spelled it with a 'z' and no matter how many times my teacher told me it was wrong, I didn't listen!

I fell in love with skydiving when I first saw Raquel Welch in Fathom -- still one of the funniest campy movies ever made.

My goal is to make one jump for every year of my life...until I am 120.....

The main character in the film, Mazie,

a former WASP, is based on Debbie's vivacious personality. 

Books. Scripts

Joy on paper...

Two Bits


Patzi Gil

The day Jimmy Hoffa played Cupid....

​Patzi...with a Z!

We are currently in the funding stage again--but hope to have good news soon....